Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cooper Hawks are on the Loose

This is a Cooper Hawk. I got this picture from cooper hawk photos-Google images. Cooper Hawks grow up to 14-20 in(36-51cm) in length and weighs 12.3 oz(0.35 kg). They have a long round tail, and a large head. They live in xeric scrubs; mesic hammocks; mixed pine and hardwood forests; pine flatwoods; sandhills; and agricultural environments. They're range is central and north Florida. And they breed during April-July. They prey primarily on small birds, but can take birds as large as a Rock Pigeon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birds the Bird Watching Club Seen

This is a picture of a Ibis. I got it from ibis photos-Google images.It is a common bird. We have them parked in front our lawn each day! A White Ibis is 25in(64cm) in length and weighs 2.3 lb(1.04kg). It's body is white, has black wingtips, a red decurved bill and legs(adult) or brown with white underparts(immature). They live in hardwood swamps; cypress swamps; wet prairies and marshes; and agricultural(good for farming) environments. They're range is statewide. They breed during March-May. Even though living statewide, the White Ibis is characteristic of south Florida's wild wetlands. White Ibis make well-constructed stick nests that usually hold 3 or 4 white or light green eggs splotched with brown, tan, and purple.