Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birds the Bird Watching Club Seen

This is a picture of a Ibis. I got it from ibis photos-Google images.It is a common bird. We have them parked in front our lawn each day! A White Ibis is 25in(64cm) in length and weighs 2.3 lb(1.04kg). It's body is white, has black wingtips, a red decurved bill and legs(adult) or brown with white underparts(immature). They live in hardwood swamps; cypress swamps; wet prairies and marshes; and agricultural(good for farming) environments. They're range is statewide. They breed during March-May. Even though living statewide, the White Ibis is characteristic of south Florida's wild wetlands. White Ibis make well-constructed stick nests that usually hold 3 or 4 white or light green eggs splotched with brown, tan, and purple.


  1. I think I did a good job on our website! But we still need a lot of work(including info on ibis.

  2. i think your blog is supr califragilistic acspe aladocious

  3. Awesome blog, Ray! Can't wait to read more!
    -Mrs. Kolbert

  4. What a beautiful bird! Our 5th grade class was just talking today about birds that have long beaks and long legs as adaptations to help them get food in their habitats. This is a perfect example of that!

  5. Nice post. Did you take the picture of the ibis?

  6. Great post. I hope to see more of your posts about other birds. Make sure you credit your photo with who ever took it, yourself or someone else. I'll be checking back.
    Mr. Easter
    Grades 7 & 8
    New Sweden School
    New Sweden, ME