Monday, January 25, 2010

My Great Great Great Great Great Horned Owl

This website is made from the Bird Watching Club,who is a club living in Florida studying about birds. This club is made up of 4 kids named R.J, S.W, J.J. K.W. We have seen a variety of birds. Some are Red-Shouldered Hawks, Snowy Egrets, Black Vultures(right in front of our school!), billions of Great Egrets(R.J. calls them Great Dude), and Ospreys. We have found bird feathers and have examined them under microscopes.

What is the biggest owl in Florida? Why it's the Great Horned Owl of course! The Great Horned Owl's scientific name is the Bubo Virginianus. They can grow up to be 20-25" (50-63cm) in length. Their wingspan can grow up to 3 and 1/2 in width. They don't make their own nests, instead they take over nests of other birds such as nests of crows, Great Blue Herons, and hawks. Sometimes they also use partial cavities, stumps, or broken-off trees. Great Horned Owls lay 2 eggs which are white without any markings. The eggs hatch in about 26-30 days. These owls eat mammals, birds (ducks), snakes, and insects.
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  1. I am a PreService Student Teacher at a college in Oklahoma. I am currently taking the Technology 4 Teachers class. One of our assignments is to interact with students on their class blogs. Your blog will now be part of my assignment and blogged about on my webpage.

    I like the details that you gave in your blog. I found it interesting that they do not build their own nest. I thought all birds built their own nest. I learned something from reading your post.

    Keep up the good work and bird watching. Nature shows us many wonderful and breathtaking sights.